VIP / Highroller Casinos

VIP / Highroller Casinos
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So far we have concentrated on casino sites for the average and moderate player, perhaps with a limited income and who enjoy gambling online. Now we move on to those other secure online and reputable sites which offer a higher return on their bonuses and are more directed at the experienced player who can afford to make larger deposits or also referred to as VIP online casino player, Highroller or whales.

For those of you interested, each online casino site offers a smooth and secure first class service for those players who wish for that VIP treatment and can afford to be a high roller. Although treatment to all players is good, for those of you who can afford that little extra, the service and online pampering is something to be admired. This effect takes place as soon as you enter the gates of the online casino and last until your departure.

VIP Casinos

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Generally speaking, there are two category types of online casinos. The first is what can be described as the casual casino that would include those that offer bonuses and a limited number of free chips or game money. The second type caters for those who wish for a VIP lifestyle and enjoy being classed as a high roller, with all the benefits that entails.

It can be better explained by saying that casual players are probably those who enjoy the occasional flutter on the machines and play for fun or perhaps a small amount of money. The average deposit of these players would be in the region of $100 – $500 and to some players; these would be classed as novice gamblers. Playing free games can be fun as not only can you learn different techniques and ways of playing, but you also bet virtual money and therefore no financial win or loss is made. The difference comes when gaming with large amounts of real money, and in these circumstances you can be considered to be an online VIP player and subject to obtaining the added bonuses and extras. Some of these may include a Personal bonus program, together with highest level wager, VIP Club Contests withdrawal and deposit limits, cash back bonuses, Personal accounts manager and a number of other options available for the VIP player.