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The word Roulette means “small wheel” and the game was invented in France in the 17th Century. Over the years it has become a favourite both in live casinos and online. This game is probably best known for being played in Monte Carlo in Monaco, which has become the casino center for this type of game. Basically to enjoy the game the idea is to place a bet or bets on numbers within the roulette wheel where you think the small ball will end up once the wheel has been spun by the house croupier, also known as the dealer. The wheel has a number of slots against the numbers and when the wheel is spun the croupier launches the ball round the outside of the wheel.

When the wheel stops spinning, the slot where the ball lands against a number becomes the winner. There are more rules and instructions attached to the game, so before playing it is best to read these fully so you are aware of how to follow the rules properly. There are also two types of wheels which can be used. In the European and French versions of this same game, a wheel has slots representing 36 numbers and one zero, while the American version has two zero slots, and so has 38 in total.

Roulette is a rather complex game and a little bit complicated game to learn, so below you will find some hints which might be of help when, or before, playing.

  1. Always understand the rules and how it should be played. If you are using the Internet, there are several sites which can guide you through the game and explain the basic and more complicated rules in fuller detail. Understand how to bet and the odds which are placed in order to give the best winning results. Learn about the basic features of the game. There are different kinds of bets which can be placed, so you need to understand which they are and also which will give you a higher rate of return.
  2. Always practice a lot. Look for online sites which offer the opportunity to play for free. In this way you can lose the bet without it affecting you financially and not only that, but you can learn from your mistakes as well. It does not matter how long your practice games will take. Play as many free games as possible in order to improve your confidence and experience. Only by doing this will you become an accomplished player and ready to use your skills and knowledge in playing the game for money.
  3. Always have a financial budget of what you can afford to spend when you play. Always base this on the idea that you will lose this money, and then when you win it will be an added bonus. If you spend more money than you should then the fun goes out of it,. Rather than enjoying the time, it becomes more of an addiction. Never leave any household bills outstanding to spend on this game. Only use funds that you would not suffer if lost. If after a number of games your luck is out, stop playing and walk away. There would be no shame in returning the following day when your chances of winning could have improved.
  4. Always have a game strategy and keep to it.
  5. Never stop learning. The more mistakes you make playing free games the better. You can learn from these which will enhance your game once you do start playing with real money. Never be drunk or under the influence of drugs when playing as this could affect your judgment and ruin your chances of winning.