Queen of the Nile 2 – Aristocrat Pokie

Queen of the Nile 2 – Aristocrat Pokie
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Very few pokies, whether online or land based, can claim to have become so internationally popular that they received a sequel of their own. Queen of the Nile II bears testament to the quality and longevity of the original by building on everything that made it great to offer an ever more polished, entertaining pokie experience. Nowadays, many pokie clubs and casinos offer both the original Queen of the Nile and the sequel side by side, giving players the opportunity to indulge in the classic graphics and gameplay of the first title, or the polish and bonus features of the second entry in the series.

Even if the player ignores the first title altogether, Queen of the Nile II is an excellent pokie in its own right. Played across five reels and with up to 25 win lines per spin, it offers one of the largest standalone jackpots around; a massive 3,000 coins which in real terms can be up to an incredible $12,000 for individuals playing the maximum coin bet per line.

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The Theme

The theme of the Queen of the Nile II pokie needs no introduction. Since the original version proved the viability of Cleopatra and Ancient Egypt in general as a pokie theme, dozens of other variations have been created by manufacturers around the world. There is just something about the pyramids and the desert that makes it the perfect backdrop for an exciting pokie. Queen of the Nile II sees the previous desert backdrop for the overall game switched out in favour of a royal blue colour scheme, arguably more fitting for ancient royalty. The reels once again incorporate all manner of hieroglyphics plus pyramids, treasures of the time and of course the Queen herself. Even the typical Nine through to Ace symbols that represent lower prize values take on an Ancient Egyptian twist, looking like they have recently been dug up from the sand after being buried for many years.

Queen of the Nile 2 Alternatives

Place Your Bets

Players have all manner of options when it comes to deciding how they wish to approach Queen of the Nile II – it is this level of flexibility that has no doubt contributed immensely to the overall popularity of the series as both casual players and high rollers can adjust the settings to their play style and bankroll. The number of win lines can be adjusted from a single line across the middle of the reels to the full 25, covering almost all possible combinations. Coin values are also adjustable; each line automatically costs one coin to bet on and that solitary coin can represent anywhere between $0.01 and $4 meaning a maximum bet per spin of $100.

Both the Autoplay and Gamble features found in the original make a return in Queen of the Nile II. The former allows players to specify a number of spins and let the machine do the hard work, while the latter presents the opportunity to double or even quadruple every single prize on the turn of a card. The Autoplay feature is particularly intuitive when it comes to incorporating the Gamble feature, as players can set the pokie to never gamble, always make the same decision or pause while the player takes action.

Queen of the Nile 2

Queen of the Nile II Pokie Features

The features on offer are what really set Queen of the Nile apart from its predecessor. Some objectives remain the same – the Queen herself once again acts as the wild symbol, for example. As before, prize values vary from the pure equivalents and can be viewed on the built in pay table.

The main new features involve the Pyramid symbol, which acts as a scatter and awards the bonus round. Players now have a choice as to how they approach the free spins round and which multiplier level they wish to apply to the prizes. The options are twenty spins with all prize values doubled, fifteen spins with prizes multiplied by three, ten spins with a five times multiplier or finally five free spins with all prizes increased tenfold. Many players have a favoured method of approaching the bonus round, but it really is up to personal taste and many players will make a decision and stick with it after experiencing all four options.

Online Availability

Queen of the Nile II was always a likely candidate for online adaptation, owing to the successes of both the original and the land based version. It successfully underwent the online treatment and can now be found at Bet365 Casino. Regular readers from Australia will be well aware of the issue with playing at Bet365 for Aussie players, who can currently only access the sports book. This is currently an issue affecting the majority of online Aristocrat pokies and is something that many players have learned to live with until their favourite Aristocrat games come to other providers.

In the meantime, we suggest checking out our list of recommended online casinos where players can enjoy a range of alternative pokies that are just as fun, feature packed and rewarding as Queen of the Nile II. The Ancient Egyptian theme is somewhat ubiquitous, with players able to find one or more similar titles at virtually every one of our recommended casinos.