Join the X-Men on a Mission for Huge Pokie Prizes at Playtech Casinos

Join the X-Men on a Mission for Huge Pokie Prizes at Playtech Casinos
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The X-Men between them, and in some cases individually, are some of the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe and were always likely to feature in their own licenced pokie at some point in time. Playtech are never ones to let an opportunity pass them by, and their licence with Marvel extends to absolutely any superhero character or team that they feel will translate well to the reels, and thus the official X-Men pokie came to fruition.

In many ways, whether or not the developers decide to base their pokies on the movies or comic books seems to be down to how they are feeling at the time. For example, the Iron Man pokie bears little resemblance to the Iron Man movie, but Iron Man 2 prominently features characters from the film. X-Men actually seems to be a mix of both. The symbols on the reels are not necessarily photorealistic, although Hugh Jackman as Wolverine remains particularly recognisable. The theme of the pokie is heroes versus villains, and so there are numerous other characters that will be familiar to fans of the series.

X-Men Pokie

The Theme

With such a diverse cast of characters, the graphic designers from Playtech that worked on the X-Men pokie did not necessarily have a specific colour scheme that they had to adhere to. Whereas the Incredible Hulk pokie is primarily green, and the Iron Man pokie metallic red and yellow like his suit, X-Men opts for a more neutral blue colour. The only real diversion from this is that heroes appear on a blue background, and villains appear on a red one. The buttons and reels share a layout with the aforementioned games, so anyone that has ever enjoyed any of the Marvel range will quickly know what this game is all about.

Aside from the cast of characters that we have already mentioned, players will also encounter some of the best known X-Men and their foes, including Storm, Cyclops, Magneto and Juggernaut. Such is the range of characters on offer that the playing card symbols have been dispensed with altogether. Indeed, Cyclops and Juggernaut are the unfortunate recipients of the ‘nine and ten’ role, where they represent some of the more underwhelming payouts.

Place Your Bets

The maximum number of win lines in play on X-Men is 25 and as one of the few Marvel pokies without a fifty line version, that is the most players can expect in any iteration. As something of compensation to the limit, X-Men offers players the widest range of coin values in the range, starting out at $0.01 and going all the way up to $5. As always, players can opt for between one and ten coins on each line, making for a maximum bet of an incredible $1,250 per spin, not only the largest in the Marvel range but certainly one of the highest amounts of any online poker machine.

While very few players can reach the heady heights of wagering that much on each spin, the prizes on the reels are well worth winning regardless of your bankroll. As mentioned, Cyclops and Juggernaut are at the bottom of the pile, but players that are lucky enough to spin in five Magneto or Xavier symbols in a row can scoop a cool 1,500 coins. The wild symbol, which we cover in full detail in the features section below, is particularly lucrative, paying out 10,000 coins for five in a row in addition to its role of filling in for other symbols.

X-Men Pokie - Info

Pokie Features

X-Men is perhaps not as feature packed as some other games in the Marvel range, but it does put the heroes and villains concept to good use in order to offer one of the most well rounded bonus games. It is important to mention the X feature that is confined solely to the reels before we move on to that, as it may well be the first feature that players encounter on the pokie. It is simple enough and sees players tasked with spinning in five heroes in the positions on the second, third and fourth reels that make up an X shape. Doing so pays out five times the player’s total bet, regardless of how it is made up of coins and lines.

The free games round is unlike anything that Aussie players will likely have seen before. Activating the round is familiar enough, as three X-Men scatter symbols are required to launch it. Players are then in the heroes and villains game, which is free spins with a twist. Players do receive a set number of spins, in this case eight, but the limited number is offset by Heroes mode, where free spins can technically go on forever.

The player begins in Heroes mode and undertakes their free spins as normal. An additional wild is on the middle reel in the form of Magneto, who acts both as a standard wild card and takes players to Villains mode. This acts in a similar way, but with Xavier the additional wild card and fulfilling the same purpose of taking players back to Heroes mode. The round ends when the eight Villains mode spins have been used. The round is much simpler than it sounds, and can be one of the most lucrative in the entire Marvel range.

Finally, X-Men is of course of the Marvel Power progressive jackpot system that gives Aussie players a shot of a prize worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. With winning chances linked to the amount staked, X-Men can be the perfect game for high rollers with jackpots in mind as it has the highest staking limit.

Online Availability

As part of the Marvel range of games, the main online casino for players to enjoy the game in Australia is undoubtedly The operator is among the most internationally targeted in the world, allowing players to make deposits and claim bonuses in Aussie Dollars, while also leading the pack in terms of both welcome and ongoing bonuses. We do of course recommend the X-Men pokie, and recommend just as heavily as the best place to play it. You can find out more about what has to offer players in Australia in our review.