Enjoy Hugely Impressive Themed Features on the Incredible Hulk Pokie

Enjoy Hugely Impressive Themed Features on the Incredible Hulk Pokie
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The Incredible Hulk is one of the most recognisable comic book characters of all time. After all, it cannot be easy to miss a massive green monster coming, and he has starred in all manner of live action movies and animated series over the years, each of which has been particularly popular in Australia. An appearance in the Avengers also did nothing to hurt the Hulk’s popularity, as it was Australia’s most popular movie of 2012.

Just like the Hulk himself, the pokie is highly unpredictable. In many ways it is one of the most feature packed poker machines in the entire Marvel range, although players will often find themselves being taken by surprise when the Hulk hits the screen. Indeed, various aspects of the game have certain additional features that are triggered at random, making even the most innocuous bonuses into lucrative bankroll boosters.

The Incredible Hulk Pokie

The Theme

If you took a street survey asking people to name the first thing that comes to mind when talking about the Incredible Hulk, then the majority would simply say ‘green’, and that word also perfectly describes the graphics, vibe and theme of the pokie itself. Everything from the reels to the action buttons have a certain radioactive quality to them, making everything undeniably Hulk-like.

The reels feature the standard playing card symbols to represent the lowest payouts. As has become somewhat commonplace on Marvel pokies, the 9 and 10, Jack and Queen and Ace and King are paired together to offer the same prizes as each other. The bigger prizes start coming with the helicopter and police car which are again paired to offer the same value. The reels then get strictly into the realms of radioactivity, with an experimental substance and radiation warning sign making up two of the highest value symbols in the game.

Place Your Bets

There is a separate fifty line version of The Incredible Hulk pokie available for players that are that way inclined, with exactly the same gameplay and graphics as this original version. In this one, lines can start out at a minimum of one and a top end of 25, with coin bet values ranging from $0.01 to $2. As always, players can place between one and ten coins on each line, making for a simple minimum bet of $0.01 to get the reels rolling and a top wager of $500. This is perfect for high rollers as it is one of the largest single spin values in the Marvel range, and higher bets mean more chance of winning the Marvel Power progressive jackpots which are always a handy addition to the cash that is won on the reels themselves.

The Incredible Hulk Pokie - Info

Pokie Features

The features of the Incredible Hulk pokie are where the action really hots up, and they are well worth noting as being some of the most exciting in the entire pokies industry. First up is the wild symbol, represented by the Hulk himself. It seems innocuous enough as it fills in for any other symbol, just like a standard wild card. However, when it appears in the middle of the third reel, players are in for an additional treat. The hulk literally tears through the middle reel, turning it completely wild. He then stays in place for two free respins that can be particularly lucrative. That’s not all, as when the Hulk appears anywhere on the second, third and fourth reel on a single spin, he not only rips into the middle reel, but also uses his strength to tear into the second and fourth reel two. This turns all three reels wild for a single free respin, which often turns out to be the very best shot that players have at spinning in five of a kind. Naturally, with all 25 win lines in play, the prizes can be astronomical.

The action does not end there, as the Incredible Hulk pokie also features two separate bonus rounds. The first is free spins, achieved by spinning in three or more Incredible Hulk scatters. The round is simple enough and sees players receiving ten free spins with all prizes multiplied by three. The Hulk continues to tear into the reels during free games in the same way as normal spins, and additional combinations of three or more scatters add a further ten spins to the cumulative total.

Finally, there is the Smash Bonus, won by spinning in the Smash Bonus symbol on both the first and last reels at the same time. Players are treated to a cut scene where the Hulk is causing havoc in a city, with both the police and military doing their best to stop him. The Hulk is first accosted by seven police cars, and the player can pick three to smash, revealing cash amounts in the process. They then choose one of three helicopters to destroy, revealing a multiplier of two, three or five times which is applied to their cash win. In some cases, the Hulk will go on a rampage and destroy all seven police cars, with the player collecting every available cash amount.

Online Availability

The Incredible Hulk is without doubt one of the most feature packed online pokies around, and not just in the Marvel range. The fact that players also have a shot at the Marvel Power progressive jackpots is simply the icing on the cake, meaning that the game can cater to all sorts of players in Australia regardless of whether or not they are a hulk fan. You can try the game for yourself, alongside the entire Marvel pokie range, at Casino.com. It is one of our most highly recommended operators for Aussie players, and you can read more about what they have to offer in our Casino.com review.