Win Huge Cash Prizes as the Avengers Assemble on the Pokie Reels

Win Huge Cash Prizes as the Avengers Assemble on the Pokie Reels
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The day that many Marvel poker machine fans have been waiting for has finally arrived as the official movie pokie launches at Australia’s leading Playtech casinos. Featuring all of the heroes from the movie in various roles and packing in one of the most diverse ranges of bonuses ever seen, this is a game not to be missed whether you are a superhero fan or not.

The excitement begins on the loading screen as Loki and his Tesseract take centre stage before the camera sweeps around to reveal each of the starring characters – Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye. As would be expected, these are all the star of the show, although Loki himself is suspiciously absent from the reels – then again he definitely makes his evil presence known later on in the game and you can discover exactly what we mean by taking in the entire Avengers pokie review below.

The Avengers pokie

The Theme

All of the key heroic characters from the Avengers movie are present on the reels, meaning that not only old favourites with their own pokies are represented, but this game also features debut appearances for Nick Fury, Hawkeye and Black Widow. The game offers a typical layout of five reels with fifteen symbols in view and the graphical style is highly reminiscent of the Iron Man pokie, which is still considered to be one of the main titles in the entire Marvel range. As always, the heroes are backed up by the playing card symbols for lower value prize amounts which also share much in common with their appearance on Iron Man.

The game is presented in high definition and utilises the larger visual layout that was first seen on Thor’s own pokie. It also features unparalleled attention to detail, even during the course of the standard game. Whenever a hero forms part of a winning combination their symbol comes to life with the camera panning out to reveal Thor’s electrified hammer, Black Widow in the middle of a flying kick and much more. This is backed up by great sound effects and even the voice of JARVIS when some particularly pertinent information needs to be passed on to the player.

Place Your Bets

At first glance, the betting options on The Avengers appear to take something of a backwards step when it comes to Playtech’s Marvel range. Fans of the recent Thor poker machine will be used to thirty win lines, while even the staple amount is 25, with the likes of The Hulk and Iron Man 2 even being adapted for fifty win line play. Rather than providing the pinnacle of betting options in the Marvel range, The Avengers actually only makes use of twenty, although with the sheer number of features and bonuses on offer this ends up being more than sufficient for winning big. There is the added bonus of the game being perfect for all ranges of players, with line bets starting out at just $0.01 and rising all the way to $25, making it possible to wager $500 on each and every spin.

In terms of wins, the apparent lack of win lines will do little to prevent players hitting great prizes. The heroes are ranked by their importance in the movie when it comes to prize values. Five Hawkeye symbols, for example, pay out 250 coins at the bottom end, with Fury and Black Widow worth 300. Hulk weighs in at 400 while both Iron Man and Thor pay 500 coins. At the top of the tree is Captain America with a 1,000 coin prize, although this is comparatively little when considering lining up five wild card symbols for a cool 10,000 coins.

The Avengers Marvel pokie

Pokie Features

The Avengers pokie features all of the standard Marvel poker machine features that players have come to know and love. In terms of additional symbols, the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo acts as a wild card while the Avengers logo is a standard scatter with three or more paying a cash prize and unlocking the Wall of Heroes bonus round. Before we move on to that, there is one more special feature on the standard reels, known as Avengers Assemble. Should the player manage to line up the four main Avengers and Nick Fury in any order on a win line they will scoop 200 times their line bet, no questions asked, in a feature reminiscent of the X prize on the X-Men pokie.

The Wall of Heroes round is an undoubted highlight and is where the biggest money is to be made. The four main Avengers are once more the star of the show and players are presented with a board of twenty S.H.I.E.L.D. symbols. They must reveal the symbols until they match three of the same hero, at which point they are taken to the dedicated bonus round for that hero with nine free spins and the following extras:

  • During Thor’s round, he randomly appears on the spin and fires out extra bonus wilds that apply to the results of that spin.
  • In The Hulk’s game, he rips through the central reel, turning it wild for the entire duration of the spins.
  • Iron Man’s game sees him turning the middle symbol wild and then flying onto the board after every three spins to increase the multiplier, resulting in a guaranteed three times multiplier on the final three spins.
  • Finally, Captain America gets involved in every spin on his game, with his shield spinning to reveal a random multiplier of between two and five times.

Thor’s game is by far our favourite, primarily because during our review testing he turned the central row completely wild twice in the space of nine spins, resulting in a $1,000+ prize for a $1 total spin bet. The best part of the round is that when your spins end, you return to the Wall of Heroes to pick again, with the round only ending when you uncover Loki who opens the vortex. With only one Loki symbol on the board, the odds are definitely in your favour. Remember, you can also win any of the four excellent Marvel Power jackpots on any title in the range.

Online Availability

As with all of Playtech’s Marvel pokies, we always recommend the same casino for playing, that being With an international flavour and a big reputation for quality in Australia and beyond, it is our top choice for Marvel pokies, The Avengers included. Check out our review here at Online Casino Australia for everything you need to know about the operator and how to sign up.