Enjoy Some of the Best Features and Progressives on the Marvel Pokies

Enjoy Some of the Best Features and Progressives on the Marvel Pokies
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Playtech is one of the leading online casino software providers in Australia, and is responsible for the best online poker machines in the world. The cornerstone of their line-up is their unique range of Marvel pokies, which utilises some of the best known comic book licences around and adds them to the reels in an excellent fashion. The result is a whole series of online pokies that cram in everything that the astute Aussie poker machine player could want, from themed bonus features to an outstanding series of progressive jackpots.

Playtech itself is the number two software provider in the world, behind only Microgaming, and responsible for the games at some of Australia’s leading online casinos, with Casino.com and Grand Reef Casino being a particular standout. The operator is truly international and appeals to Aussie players with toll free telephone support and deposits, balances and bonuses in Australian Dollars. This makes the casino the very first choice for players looking to enjoy everything that the Marvel pokies have to offer.

The range consists of some of the best known characters of all time, either presented alone as they usually appear or as part of the team that they are most often associated with. You can read more about each individual Marvel online poker machine in our dedicated reviews:

Marvel Slot - Blade
Blade Pokie
Marvel pokie - Captain America
Captain America Pokie
Marvel Slot - Daredevil
Daredevil Pokie
Marvel Slot - Elektra
Elektra Pokie
Marvel Slot - Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four Pokie
Marvel Slot - Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider Pokie
Marvel Slot - Iron Man
Iron Man Pokie
Marvel Slot - Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2 Pokie
Marvel Slot - Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3 Pokie
Marvel Slot - Punisher
Punisher – War Zone Pokie
Marvel Slots - Spider-Man
Marvel Slot - The Avengers
The Avengers
Marvel Slot - Hulk
The Incredible Hulk Pokie
Marvel Slot - Thor
Thor – The Mighty Avenger
Marvel Slots - Wolverine
Wolverine Pokie
Marvel Slot - X-Men
X-Men Pokie

No matter which game you choose to play, you can be assured of a number of consistent features. First up, every single game allows adjustable win lines. Such flexible betting options make the entire range suitable for players of any bankroll and experience level. In typical Playtech fashion, cash bets are determined through the use of coin values which are equally flexible, meaning that players can spread their bets over more lines, or focus on hitting certain combinations for higher values.

Players can also expect wild cards as standard. Different games naturally put different spins on the features and value of the wilds, but they each operate in a familiar manner. On The Incredible Hulk, for example, wilds in certain positions can expand to cover entire reels at once, while on Iron Man the wild cards come into play in stacks of three, which also conveniently represent the highest paying symbols on the reels.

The bonus rounds are where the Marvel pokies really stand out, as they draw extensively on the theme used to offer players some of the most lucrative winning options around. Every single one of the games is based on free spins, but each individual poker machine comes with its very own special twist. Using Iron Man as an example once again, players are tasked with destroying missiles before they reach their target, unveiling free spins, multipliers and instant cash prizes along the way. Fantastic Four implements the spins differently, with each of the leading characters having their own special effect on the reels, such as the Thing with his sticky wilds, and Mr Fantastic who, in true comic book form, stretches to cover whole reels.

Finally, the one feature that keeps many players in Australia coming back time and time again to the Marvel pokies is the Marvel Power progressive jackpot. Spread over four tiers of differing values, players have a shot at anywhere between a few hundred dollars and several hundred thousand on each spin. Access to the special progressive round occurs randomly regardless of whether a spin wins or loses, and players have more chance of activating the feature with higher bets. They then enter a scratch card style game, with more lower value symbols than higher ones, but a shot at any of the four tiers nonetheless. The round only ends when three of the same symbols are matched, meaning that simply accessing the round is sufficient to scoop at least a few hundred bucks.

The Marvel pokie range includes all of the ingredients of an immensely successful franchise and the familiar characters are the icing on the cake. Whether you enjoy comic books and superhero movies or simply want some of the most action packed pokie action in Australia, Playtech’s licenced Marvel series should be extremely high up on your list. If you have never tried a Playtech casino before, then the aforementioned Casino.com and Grand Reef Casino are the ideal first stops, with all of their welcome bonuses and additional cash top ups all fully eligible for use on the Marvel games.