Try your hand at Live Dealer Casinos

Try your hand at Live Dealer Casinos
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The gambling industry is always at the forefront of developments in online technology. Similarly, few established offline industries have been affected so thoroughly and obviously as gambling itself. In a relatively short period of time, online casinos and online gambling as a whole has seen numerous developments that many take for granted. Prominent individuals in the industry have never been shy to try something new when it comes to enticing more and more customers to play online, and one of the most significant recent breakthroughs has come with the increasing popularity of live dealer games.

At the forefront of many casino operators’ minds is recreating the real life casino experience as closely as possible. After all, gambling is so ingrained in Australian culture that the majority of players that make the jump into online play will be doing so on the back of extensive experience in the numerous land based casinos in Sydney, Melbourne and other areas.

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Numerous small advancements have been made over the years and online casinos look very different nowadays to how they looked around the turn of the millennium. Small details such as going from garish, flat playing cards to 3D renditions, or transitioning from pokies with nothing more than free spins as a bonus feature to interactive features akin to video games are now the bare minimum that players expect from their favourite online casinos.

However, recent months have seen the development of one of the biggest innovations in the history of online casinos – the live dealer game. Technology now permits the most realistic rendition of many of the most popular casino games for players to enjoy in the comfort of their own home. In the simplest terms, live online casino players take a ‘seat’ at a real table with a real dealer, place their bets through their computer and watch the action unfold in real time via a video link. That really is all there is to it – live dealer online casino games are truly the closest players can come to visiting a real casino.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the live dealer format:

Pros of Live Dealer Online Casino Games

Put simply, nothing else comes close for players looking for realism at their favourite online casino. The dealer is real, the cards dealt or roulette wheels spun are real and all of the other players at the table are real, you just cannot see them. Somewhere in the world, the exact blackjack hand that the player is betting on is really being dealt and the player can watch it unfold in their browser or casino software.

Live casino games are thoroughly fair. All live games are covered by the same set of rules and regulations as all of the automated games in the online casino, from blackjack to pokies. Any site which claims to be independently audited, as all of our recommended online casinos do, has to extend this cover to their live games. What’s more, players are not relying on the integrity of random number generators – they can see what is happening as it happens.

Live online casino games are usually free to try. The main aim for online casino operators when they launch something significant is to entice players to try it out. After all, many of the high rolling online players are notorious for sticking with what they know. Enticing players usually means one thing: bonuses. Many of our recommended casinos that offer live dealer games also offer separate bonuses specifically for the purpose, meaning that you can have a free bet or two without risking your bankroll.

Cons of Live Dealer Online Casino Games

It can be difficult to get a seat, particularly at peak times. Live dealer games have become very popular very quickly, both with players in Australia and around the world. Some of the benefits that online casinos have over their land based counterparts, such as running multiple instances of the same game on a single server and not having to pay general staff, are negated in the live dealer world. Only a certain number of players can be seated at a table at a time, both to ensure that the deck of cards does not need changing after every hand and so that the dealer can keep track of play. Many online casinos offer multiple tables, but they have to keep an eye on costs as each takes up space and requires a paid dealer – fortunately, participation in such games costs no more than the digital version and the house edge is no better or worse.

The action itself can be somewhat slower than in conventional online casino games. Most of the games played live, such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat, are played alone in digital form. The player places their bet, takes whatever action is required, is paid out and then continues. In live play the player is reliant on others, just as in a real casino. This can mean that any players with targets for hands per hour or only a short time in which to play may well prefer the traditional format.

While live dealer games certainly have pros and cons, it is certainly no more so than any other type of online casino game. If the idea of the utmost realism appeals to you, then we thoroughly endorse the idea of giving it a try. Several of our most popular recommended online casinos offer live dealer games, including GoWild Casino, MyBet Casino and They are each great for Aussie players, with each accepting Australian Dollars and their technological infrastructure is second to none, ensuring a smooth, fluid experience no matter your game of choice.