Eat, Drink and Enjoy Top Class Casino Games at Lasseters Hotel Casino Alice Springs

Eat, Drink and Enjoy Top Class Casino Games at Lasseters Hotel Casino Alice Springs
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Lasseters Hotel Casino in Alice Springs is undoubtedly the highlight of Australia for players looking for great gaming and entertainment in the outback and brings a truly international flavour to the gaming industry in the area. As with many of the largest land based casinos in the country, it is treated very much as an entertainment centrepiece for both local and international visitors and comprises not just great gaming but also a hotel, restaurants and numerous events to keep even the most demanding players entertained. Basic gaming action is joined by a range of extra promotions and benefits making Lasseters one of the most rewarding Aussie gaming experiences around.

Facilities and Services at Lasseters Hotel Casino

While certainly not the largest land based casino in Australia, Lasseters Hotel Casino nevertheless offers players over 13,000 square feet of great gaming action with a diverse range of activities to enjoy. From tables to pokies and even tournament poker, it is well known for attracting an equally diverse range of players and is backed up by a 205 room hotel with great facilities, making it the perfect location for an outback getaway. As the only casino in Alice Springs it definitely has a captive local audience but definitely does not rest on its laurels and is among the most forward thinking of all Aussie casinos and a great choice for any player.

Highlights of Lasseters Hotel Casino

While Lasseters adopts a traditional layout of offering a casino as the main aspect of an entertainment complex, it places more focus than most on the gaming experience. Indeed, all of the hotel’s 205 rooms are generally packed exclusively with casino players and such visitors never leave disappointed. Here are our top three outstanding facts and features concerning Lassesters Hotel Casino Alice Springs:

  • Great games with an international flavour. Lasseters Hotel Casino definitely makes the most of the space available with 17 gaming tables and over 300 pokies on offer. Roulette and blackjack naturally claim a few tables each, but players with more diverse tastes can enjoy casino hold’em, baccarat, craps, Caribbean stud and much more within the dedicated gaming area. The pokies share in this diversity. While many casinos rely exclusively on Aristocrat pokies, Lasseters offers an eclectic mix of games not only from Australia’s leading poker machine manufacturer but also IGT, Aruze and Stargames. Players can even enjoy TAB facilities and keno on site.
  • Club Lasseters. This membership club is free to join and open to any player at the casino. It shares much in common with the online membership and loyalty schemes that players may well have encountered before and offers a wide range of benefits – basically any player that does not join up on their first visit is seriously missing out. Among some of the features are a universal 10% discount on food and drinks, exclusive promotions on all of the casino games and the opportunity to progress up to Silver and Gold membership levels. Points can be earned on any pokie or table game and spent on food, drinks, accommodation and more.
  • Poker tournaments. While we focus mainly on standalone casino action here at Online Casino Australia, the poker tournaments at Lasseters are so frequent and valuable that they simply must be highlighted. They range in value and the fields vary based on this factor, but local players and visitors alike can be assured of some top class gaming in a tournament environment.

Heading Online for the Lasseters Hotel Casino Experience

With so much going on at Lasseters there are various ways to approach recreating the experience online. These are our top recommendations for players that have enjoyed what Lasseters Hotel Casino has to offer and want to recreate the very same action at their leisure.

  • A wide gaming selection is perhaps the most striking benefit of playing at Lasseters. Fortunately, the very nature of online casinos means that there are no floor size restrictions and we are pretty sure that if all games at leading online casinos in Australia were laid out side by side then they would cover much more than 13,000 square feet! Players generally have two options, those being playing at a casino that uses a single software provider or opting for one that draws from several. Aristocrat pokies like those found at Lasseters cannot be played online in Australia, but there are alternatives in our dedicated section and players can find games from the likes of IGT at many of the casinos that offer such alternatives.
  • The Lasseters Club shares much in common with the comp point reward schemes at online casinos. You can read about the specifics in our reviews, but generally all gaming activity generates points. While the points themselves cannot be spent on food and drinks when playing online, they can usually be converted straight back into cash meaning that players can literally spend them on absolutely anything they want!
  • Poker tournaments at Lasseters are so widespread and popular that we simply had to include them as a highlight of the casino experience. As with the games, the number of tables is limited by the floor space available. However, online casino players can look out for operators that have their very own dedicated poker rooms with no such limitations. Just like when playing at Lasseters, poker at casinos continues to award loyalty points and players can try out larger or smaller fields according to their tastes, with everything funded from the same account as their main casino play.

Conclusion about Lasseters Hotel Casino

Lasseters Hotel Casino is certainly something of an entertainment gem in Alice Springs and visitors to both the casino and hotel are assured of a great gaming experience. As the online and land based industries continue to converge, online casino players in Australia are increasingly finding it easier to recreate the experience at home and Lasseters offers the perfect example. Check out our online casino reviews for the best information on coming as close as possible to the real thing.