All about Casino Canberra, an Entertainment Centrepiece in the City

All about Casino Canberra, an Entertainment Centrepiece in the City
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Casino Canberra offers local and international players one of the very best casino gaming experiences in the region, with an upmarket attitude and access to a wide selection of the best traditional casino games, all topped off by a wide range of extra facilities and options to keep even the most demanding players occupied and entertained. Flanked by the Waldorf Hotel, it is one of the main entertainment hotspots in Canberra and attracts a diverse range of players, with suitable services and facilities for just about any level of casino player, and is actually the only licenced casino in Australia’s capital.

The Facilities and Service at Casino Canberra

One of the main standouts about the experience at Casino Canberra is that it is not just another land based casino in Australia. While Crown and Echo dominate the market and offer a consistent service throughout all of their establishments, Casino Canberra is operated by Casinos Austria International and brings a wealth of international flavour to any gaming trip. The company itself operates casinos around the world in locations as diverse as Copenhagen and Mykonos, and so players can be assured of finding something just a little bit different to the norm each time they visit. One major point to address for some local Aussie players, particularly pokie fans, is that Canberra Casino is the polar opposite of City Tattersalls in Sydney. While City Tattersalls eschews table games in favour of hundreds of pokies, visitors to Casino Canberra will find a very European feeling casino, with no pokies and instead hundreds of great table games.

Highlights of Casino Canberra

As is commonplace among casinos in Australia, Casino Canberra is a multi-format entertainment centre, although the casino experience is undoubtedly the main part of the operation. In addition to the aforementioned Waldorf Hotel, the complex also features a range of eateries and bars, not to mention the Galaxy Club, widely considered as one of Canberra’s premier entertainment venues in its own right. In terms of casino gaming, the following are well worth looking out for:

  • Tournaments. As a specialist in table games, Casino Canberra does of course have all of the facilities to run a range of gaming tournaments from poker to blackjack. One of the highlights of the calendar is the annual Winter Poker Championship which takes place under Casino Canberra rules and attracts players from around the country. Although this is the centrepiece of the tournament schedule, players can also enjoy other tournament format table games every day of the week, often with guaranteed prize pools and entry fees that will be suitable for any kind of player.
  • The Senator’s Club. Many land based casinos in Australia operate a simple, online style points earning membership club where the rewards come in the form of cash, but Casino Canberra utilises its international experience to make for a much more well-rounded rewards scheme. Members do of course earn points as always, but Senator’s Club members can enjoy complementary accommodation, prize draws and exclusive tournaments such as those discussed above, including poker, blackjack and baccarat. Such is the exclusivity of these tournaments that places have to be booked at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Gaming packages. One of the most enjoyable parts of Canberra Casino is undoubtedly their package deals. Groups of friends can take advantage of the Party Pit, an exclusive area with dedicated dealers and tables on all of the best games like roulette and blackjack. Alternatively players can go for the high roller experience on a budget with the Casino Capers package, which includes the full Canberra Casino experience for a packaged price.

Playing Online with the Casino Canberra Experience

Casino Canberra is arguably the most unique land based casino experience in Australia, and while many of the others up and down the country aim to emulate the online experience, this particular casino is somewhat the other way round. However, it is certainly more than possible to transfer a great experience at Casino Canberra to the online tables, and here are our suggestions for getting the best out of home based play in an authentic Canberra style:

  • Just like Casino Canberra offers more than just cash for Senator’s Club reward scheme members, some online casinos adopt the same approach. As standard, players earn points for online casino play which determines their rewards level and the amount that those points are worth in cash. However, some casinos also offer extra bonuses based on these points, from extra cash deposits to real prizes such as merchandise and even holidays. You can find out more about the specifics of each opportunity by checking out the promotions section of each of our online casino reviews.
  • Casino Canberra is all about top class table games, and with this in mind we would suggest both Playtech and Net Entertainment casinos – you can find out the software provider for each casino in the relevant review. Net Entertainment casinos offer traditional online table games but with some of the best graphics ever seen, particularly in their Pro Series. The selection is vast at each casino and you are sure to find your perfect choice. Alternatively, Playtech casinos offer live dealer table games, which is just about as close to the Casino Canberra experience as you can get at home. While the selection is limited to a handful of games, you really cannot come any closer.

Conclusion about Casino Canberra

It is no exaggeration to say that Casino Canberra is a table gamer’s paradise nestled away in Australia’s Capital. The whole experience is top class and the addition of the likes of a nightclub and grill restaurant make for an excellent activity. The casino comes highly recommended in its own right, but if you can’t make it then the tips above will assist greatly in enjoying a similar experience in the comfort of your own home.