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So let’s start with main terminology, which is with the word ‘race’. When used in conjunction with Keno, this means one individual game round. It is not impossible to play more than one game at once, and in cases such as these you could describe yourself as playing ‘multi-race” games. Having decided upon your selection of numbers, or ‘Spot’, a Keno ticket is then marked with your selection and taken to the appropriate desk with your payment bet; the clerk would then take your money and give you a copy of the ticket as proof of payment. You can then check your numbers when 20 out of 80 balls are drawn out of a barrel, and displayed on screens throughout the casino. Should you wish for your completed ticket to be collected prior to the game taking place and then your winnings being delivered directly, you can use the services of ‘Keno runners’ who will supply this service if you are playing from outside the Keno designated areas.

If you look at a number of different sites, or visit a number of live casinos, the main thing that remains consistent in them all is the way that each game is performed. That also includes all games that win. The main difference however, is the amount they pay out, or as it is termed ‘price at stake’. Make sure, when visiting the different sites, that you choose one which offers better payouts than the other available choices.

Should you be a novice to the game and unsure of what numbers to choose perhaps take advice from more seasoned players and adopt their strategy of going for birthdays, house numbers, anniversaries, public holidays etc. Once decided upon, the numbers may also be included in alternative games. As in all lottery based games it is just a matter of luck which numbers are winners as they are drawn at random. However, some numbers appear to be winners more than others, so if you are statistically inclined and have the time, perhaps working out the odds of which number to place a bet against might be advantageous. As an alternative, you could always compare the outcomes of previous winning games and see if certain numbers keep appearing, but as previously stated, the way the numbers are drawn is just down to luck. By simply choosing numbers at random may end up being larger winners than those which have been studied and researched. For a small amount of money a player may be able to win large amounts. Sometimes you will find that a minimum bet can be as little as 5 cents, although the majority of casinos nowadays only accept bets of $1 or more. Bare in mind that winnings can depend upon the type of ticket bought together with the total ‘spots’ that are played. There are no restrictions on the number of tickets you can play, and remember that there is always the chance that for $1 bet you could win as much as $50,000 in some casinos, if luck is on your side. Higher bets can be placed as well, but there is always the chance that if not a winning ticket, then the money and time spent will be lost forever. Far better to bet low and win high.

There are, as in other games of chance, no real tips that can guarantee players becoming winners, so always remember that fact before joining in. Remember also that the majority of games are genuine, so you can play the games that are full of enjoyment and fun. Then if you become a winner as well, this can be considered an added bonus.

The game of Keno

If you find other casino games a little difficult to understand then why not try to take part in a game of Keno. This is both an incredibly fun game to play because it keeps you on your toes, and not only that but it is also very easy to learn and well worth spending the time doing so in order to play. So much so that the game is now played globally with new players joining all the time. This is a game similar to Lotto which was first introduced in China many years ago. It was brought to the USA in the mid 1880’s by immigrants working on the railroads and mines. When playing the game, first select a minimum number of 4, but no more than 10, numbers between 1 and 80. Each number is called a ‘spot’, so choosing ten numbers is known as a ‘ten spot game’.

Throughout Australia, this game is becoming increasingly more popular as winnings can be made without having to study complicated rules and regulations. However, as in all games, Keno does have simple but specific ways in which winnings can be substantially improved, and players should be acquainted with these before commencing play. In order to play the game to its fullest, as well as making the whole experience fully enjoyable, then the understanding of this game, including the terminologies, should be learned.

The most important thing that you have to know about playing Keno is that you have to be well acquainted with how it is played, but you also have to understand the terminologies that are used when playing. When you are familiar with these, and have practiced playing, you will certainly be able to become an excellent player.

One of the first terminologies that you have to be acquainted with when playing Keno is ‘race’. This is used to refer to the game round. There are casinos that will host a couple of races each day.

Many Keno players use auspicious things in order to determine the numbers that they want to play. Many will use their license plate numbers, birthdays, etc. Once a player has determined what set of numbers they want to use they can then use the exact same set numerous times in one game. In this game one method that players will try to use to figure out the next draw is to analyze the previous ones within the same game.

Most players try to win this game by investing as little as they can in the hopes of winning a lot of money. For this reason many players prefer to place a lot of smaller bets, instead of just one big one, in order to increase their chances of getting a drawn set. It is often too risky to bet a lot of money in case a player wins nothing at all.