How to play casino games on your ipad

How to play casino games on your ipad
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When players think of first class mobile casino gaming in Australia, their thoughts immediately turn to Apple’s iPad. This mind set does not only affect players, however. The majority of the leading mobile casino operators and their software providers go to great lengths to ensure that their mobile casino games are fully compatible with the device, taking into account everything from the screen size to the touchscreen interface.

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All Slots Mobile Casino on the iPadAustralia has long been one of Apple’s key markets for all of its devices, from the original iPod and through to the recently released iPad Mini. It has been the dominant smartphone manufacturer in the country for a number of years and its popularity has been vindicated to the point that mobile casinos will not release their software to the Australian public before first ensuring full iPad compatibility.

There are numerous reasons why the iPad is at the core of mobile casino growth in Australia, and we look at a few of these reasons in this article.

  • For many Australian players, the iPad is almost the perfect gaming device. At nearly ten inches in size, the screen is perfect for recreating the kind of games that have enjoyed enduring popularity in online casinos without the need to cut corners or strip back the games in any way. Indeed, even the very first iPad was more powerful than the computers running the first popular online casinos in the 1990s, making the transition to the device one of the simpler tasks for mobile casino manufacturers. Indeed, the only real enforced change was modifying the gaming interface to transition from mouse use to taking full advantage of the touchscreen. In some cases, some specially designed iPad casinos offer even better graphics than the original titles, no doubt in an effort to take full advantage of the HD video graphics found in the latest models. This has particularly played a part with the likes of mobile roulette, where the game is all about recreating the experience of a real casino. The HD graphics available on an iPad mean that the wheel looks particularly realistic as it spins, and the iPad screen allows the player to view the full betting board with ample space to place their bets exactly where they want to.
  • Again referring to the screen size and functionality of the iPad, casinos do not need to make any compromises when it comes to offering all of the features of the casino on a mobile device. Older devices had to make use of a complex set of menus to allow players to carry out fundamental transactions such as banking and redeeming promotions. However, the iPad allows for mobile casinos to make the entire process much more intuitive with options such as banking and support all available on the same screen and selectable using just a tap.
  • iPads were the first devices to incorporate mobile connectivity on a device of its size. Prior to the release of the bestselling tablet, the concept of incorporating mobile network access in anything other than a mobile phone was almost unheard of. People using their laptops on trains were generally restricted to office based tasks or local games as no Wi-Fi meant no internet access and mobile gaming with a powerful processor and decent screen size was impossible. The iPad itself changed this, to the extent that some laptops now even have dedicated network connectivity, paving the way for a new generation of mobile casino gamers.
  • The recently released iPad Mini changed the industry all over again, encouraging even more players to sample the latest mobile casino games from the likes of Microgaming and Playtech while they are out and about. The device lends itself to dedicated mobile casino play like no other, something that is reflected both in sales and the continued growth of the iPad casino industry. The iPad and iPad Mini drove mobile casino operators to take the niche seriously and this has resulted in a better experience for all mobile casino players.

When the iPad was first released, the concept of an iPad casino was perhaps not the first thing that came to players’ minds. However, the online and mobile gambling industries are never the sort to hang around and can usually be found making the best use of the latest technologies in order to get as many eyes as possible on their service offerings. Nowadays, iPad casinos are commonplace, with all major manufacturers ensuring that their games can be enjoyed to their maximum potential across all generations of the device. What’s more, as the devices themselves become more powerful, the scope for what developers can do with both new and existing games increases and players across Australia can expect a number of changes for the better over the coming months that take iPad casinos to a whole new level.