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Craps is a very old and a bit complicated game to learn, possibly dating back in origin to the early Roman Empire. It is vastly becoming one of the most widely enjoyed Internet gambling games played in Australia by players daily. Not only is it totally essential for the rules to be thoroughly learned before playing, but also the game’s strategy must be understood in order to get the best possible results.

The rules of the game revolve around the player using a pair of six-sided dice. In order for the gambler to win he must throw (or shoot) the dice along the crap table and try to get the face of the dice to show either seven or eleven. There is a higher chance of the number seven being shown (possibly as high as 5:1) because there are ways of rolling the dice to ensure that the number seven will be the end result. When thrown, the dice must hit the wall at the end of the table and if either number is shown, this is known as a “natural” and then you win. Your winnings are the amount of chips that are placed on the passline. If for instance, you roll the three numbers which are 2,3 and 12 then you are a loser and your first roll is called “craps”. The numbers two and twelve have not much chance of generating wins and therefore must try to be avoided if at all possible.

There exist just four ways in which to roll losing craps. However, the chance of losing is doubled together with the chance of actually winning. And so we can see why this game in particular has become so popular. And this is why it is essential that every novice player must make an effort to learn the rules of the game. As a novice it is best to gamble on a very low level, watching and learning all the time. In this way, only low level bets are made and if loses are experienced then there are no serious financial damages experienced. Always try to ensure that the bias to the house is based at a low level, but this will depend on the type of game played. So this is the main reason for the increased popularity of the game with both novice and more seasoned players alike.

Keeping the odds in favour of you, the player, needs to be looked at before commencing play. When betting there are three different methods which can be used, these are odd bets, passline bets and come bets. Always work out in advance which one is best for your game. This should also be the one which generates a substantial return for your money.

The use of the pass line bet is common more in the casino environment than in other types of crap bets. The rules and ways of betting do get complicated now, so you have to ensure that you are fully aware of the correct decision to make. Most crap players play the line and the come, either pass or do not pass. These are the two best areas to play as they offer the best potential odds to the player. Casinos offer players double the bets with odds. In some cases there is a chance to double bet the odds when placed at casinos. Time must be spent in learning this style of betting as it is an extremely important one and can achieve positive results in a short period of time. Another important bet is known as the come bet. Come bets and don’t come bets take up a large proportion of the table. In style, this is similar to the pass line bet but can be made when the come-out roll has established a single point.

As previously stated, a full understanding of the rules and strategies of the game must be undertaken before even considering placing a bet. This is the only way that a player can hope to become an expert in the game. The type of gambler who prefers to think about how the game works, the chances and the way in which the dice are thrown is clearly ideal for this type of game, so although entertaining, it might not suit the average gambler. Those players who fully understand the game often take part in major tournaments and can earn a great amount of income through their play. As in all games, the more that you practice the greater the chance your game will improve. Although there is still a good deal of mistrust in the ways casinos operate, by understanding the game of craps fully, the gambler should restore some of this trust and help to boost the interest of those considering using live or online casinos.