Enjoy a Massive Range of Betting Options on Aristocrat’s Superbucks

Enjoy a Massive Range of Betting Options on Aristocrat’s Superbucks
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As with any type of game, poker machines come and go here in Australia. Aristocrat is on the cutting edge of technology and design and you’ll often find that classic games are updated or phased out as new ones come along, but one title that has stood the test of time and continues to be one of the most played games around is Superbucks. If the name sounds familiar, then you’ll almost certainly have seen the game, even if you’ve never played it, as the two versions of the title have been around for nearly twenty years, making them one of the true legends of the Aussie gaming industry and one that shows no signs of going away. It continues to attract players for all manner of reasons and here you can find out exactly why it is so popular.

Superbucks Alternatives

The Theme

We mentioned that there were two different versions of Superbucks, but if we’re being picky then there are actually several. We were referring to the fact that the game has been around for so long that there were both three and five reel versions, but the main five reel version is the one that you’ll find most often and it has been overhauled over the years without losing any of the main concept. Whether you’re on Superbucks I or Superbucks IV, the theme remains the same. Bars and sevens are the order of the day, and most Superbucks cabinets even include the bandit’s arm – which doesn’t actually do anything anymore but is still great for nostalgia!

Place Your Bets

One of the most interesting things about the Superbucks poker machine is that it makes no attempts to disguise the fact that it is designed to appeal to pokie gaming’s very own high rollers. With line bets starting at a dollar a piece, this certainly isn’t a game for small bankroll, and that is reflected in the prizes too. While the minimum is a little steep, there is still plenty of choice and to be fair, the top end of the betting options usually reaches the limit set by law rather than limits on the machines themselves!

Pokie Features

While Superbucks is by no means bursting at the seams with features, it manages to cram in one of the most lucrative that we have ever seen. What at first glance appears to be a simple free spins round is actually one of your very best opportunities to win big at the casino, and that covers not just pokies but pretty much any game. The green shield icon is the one that you’ll want to keep an eye out for as three in view on the five reel version will take you to the bonus game. What makes it so lucrative is the fact that you receive twenty spins, which is high for Aristocrat, and all prizes are trebled. What’s more, if you’re lucky enough to spin in the same shield combination during the round itself then you can add even more spins to the total. When that happens, you can sit back and relax while waiting for the wins to pile up!

Online Availability

Speaking of sitting back and waiting, in our opinion Superbucks is the ideal candidate for an online poker machine, although we do of course have to factor in that the game would be blocked here anyway. That is some consolation when you consider that the game isn’t available online anywhere. However, there are plenty of pokies out there at online casinos that cater to the high roller market and we’ve picked the best of all and featured them on a dedicated Superbucks alternative page here on the site. There, you’ll find not only the best alternative games but also our advice on the most reputable casinos to play at. These casinos cater directly to Aussie players and you’ll pick up all manner of bonuses and loyalty rewards along the way for an experience that more than measures up to the local club and casino.