Prize Fight Pokie from Aristocrat Gaming

Prize Fight Pokie from Aristocrat Gaming
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Opportunities to engage in a bit of fisticuffs on the reels can sadly be somewhat few and far between, but, as always, Aristocrat is on hand with the best action that you’ll find in the genre. Having been originally released in 1998, Prize Fight is one of the elder statesmen of their land based poker machine range and has plenty of fans that want to unleash their inner Katsidis while spinning in a few impressive wins.

The Theme

As you’d expect from a game called Prize Fight, loading up the reels is just like stepping into a championship bout. Aristocrat has pulled no punches in packing the reels with all sorts of great symbols that definitely serve to set the scene. The clashing boxing gloves almost remind us of the traditional cherries, but there’s also the referee and various other features to keep the action entertaining. Surprisingly, the game barely shows its age and still stands up well to modern competition, which is a good thing really seeing as it is still a popular choice in the pokies clubs up and down Australia.

Place Your Bets

There are two different version of Prize Fight and you could run into either one at your local club or casino depending on how regularly they update their machines. However, when it comes to placing your bets then there is little confusion as both games offer the same winning opportunities. There is a selection of win lines for you to set the game up to your liking, although one thing to bear in mind is that the minimum spin bet is quite high by Aristocrat standards, coming in at $1. While this won’t put off too many players, beginners or those on a budget should keep that in mind or potentially look out for alternative games. After all, one thing that there never is at an Australian casino is a shortage of choice!

Pokie Features

While the graphics still look more than serviceable nowadays, the features feel a little limited. However, with over fifteen years of good service, Prize Fight can be excused and it still offers plenty of excitement. Three or more knockout icons on one of your active pay lines will launch the bonus round, where you can pick up five free spins with a three times multiplier. Aside from the limited number of spins available, the other downside to the feature compared to modern games is that only the win line that activated the round is in play for bonus cash. It is only a minor gripe and Prize Fight certainly makes up for it with the sheer frequency with which the round hits.

Online Availability

The big problem when it comes to playing Aristocrat pokies online is that they are all blocked in Australia, even if there does happen to have been an online conversion. Fortunately, for once we’re not missing out as while Prize Fight definitely has legions of fans, it has never received the makeover that would make it into an online game. Indeed, when it comes to playing it at all, the local casino in Australia is your best bet as it was rarely shipped internationally. Nevertheless, we’re all about offering players the biggest and best opportunities to play Aristocrat style pokies online and we’ve put together a dedicated page of Prize Fight alternatives. Head over there to find the most comparable online games including a brief summary of why it matches up well to Prize Fight and which online casinos have the game available for real money play.