Sample Classic Aristocrat Gameplay on the Mr Cashman Pokie

Sample Classic Aristocrat Gameplay on the Mr Cashman Pokie
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Ask any Aussie player what their all-time favourite land based poker machine is and the chances are that they’ll mention Mr Cashman at some point. It has certainly had plenty of time to build up a loyal following as it is one of the most aged pokies in Aristocrat’s range, particularly when considering that it is still going strong at popular venues around Australia. The motto when creating the game must have been keeping it simple but effective and in many ways the game delivers a truly classic gaming experience with all of the Aristocrat hallmarks. The latest of many accolades is the game’s inclusion here at Online Casino Australia. Read on for everything that you need to know about this true great.

Mr Cashman - The best online Alternatives

The Theme

Mr Cashman is a recognisable sight for anyone who has ever set foot inside an Aussie casino. A simple combination of a coin, a smiley face, a top hat and two floating hands made him one of the most recognisable characters in all of casino gaming. Many casinos even dedicated entire areas to the game, such was its success, with specially designed banners and signs indicating the game’s location. The ‘character’ has even gone on to appear in various Aristocrat games, bringing the same feature with him every time. However, this is his very own pokie and while Mr Cashman makes surprisingly few appearances on the reels themselves, he is always watching from the corner of the reels.

Place Your Bets

Betting on Mr Cashman follows a virtually identical pattern to other popular Aristocrat titles. You pick your lines and then your coin amounts and you are good to go. The game includes a ‘max bet’ button so that you can quickly and easily crank everything up to the maximum, or you can take your time and set things up to your liking. Betting on the game is flexible and suitable for any budget – players can enjoy Mr Cashman with just a few dollars or a massive bankroll, which has certainly served to enhance its mass appeal around the country, and even seen the game being one of the earliest Aristocrat titles to head to Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Pokie Features

The maximum bet button on Mr Cashman is not just there to encourage players to spend more. It actually has an effect on the features, as the more you bet, the more likely you are to scoop large numbers of free spins and multipliers. It is something of a unique concept within the world of pokies to reward higher rollers more than those on more modest stakes. Nevertheless, the award of free spins and multipliers on this pokie seems more random than most and it is virtually impossible to predict or strategize for when the free spins round might hit. In fact, that is one of the best things about this game if you’re having a short session – the biggest wins could land at absolutely any time!

Online Availability

While Mr Cashman remains a huge attraction at land based casinos in Australia and beyond, the format has never been adopted for online play. This actually puts Aussie players in a strong position – the online Aristocrat pokies might be blocked but many players would have to come to us to find an operational Mr Cashman pokie! If you want the real thing then you can head to the local casino, but if you’d prefer to play online then we’ve identified the very best alternatives to Mr Cashman. They continue the same philosophy of simple gameplay with decent features and even match up well to the theme. Head over to that page to check them out for yourself. You’ll also find the top casinos to play at online in Australia.