Stay Out of the Sea and on the Reels on Jaws and its Sequel, Jaws Night Hunter

Stay Out of the Sea and on the Reels on Jaws and its Sequel, Jaws Night Hunter
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We do not often look at two games at once here at Online Casino Australia, but in the case of Aristocrat’s Jaws series, both are similar enough that they warrant a single review, particularly when they are both land based pokies only.

Aristocrat Gaming is the undisputed king of the land based poker machine scene in Australia, and while they are perhaps more commonly associated with their own original titles, they are also responsible for some of the best licenced games out there. After all, very few manufacturers reach the size and profitability of the company without appealing to a more casual crowd through familiar faces and themes.

Aristocrat Alternatives

Jaws, the classic movie, has been responsible for two such games. The original game was such a smash hit that it can now be found not only in casinos in Australia but also as far afield as the USA and Asia, where the brand is just as easily identifiable. Aristocrat has done a great job of bringing all of the action of the movies to the reels, and the game features stacked wild, Amity security badges and even newspaper reports, not to mention great prizes. The follow up, Jaws Night Hunter, follows the typical Aristocrat pattern of retaining the most popular features while adding in more bonuses and features. One such feature is the ability to choose your own added bonus during the extra game, with choices of sticky wilds and multipliers.

The Theme

The theme will require little introduction for many players, especially when it comes to something as timelessly popular as Jaws, as with many of Aristocrat’s licenced properties. The symbols on both games are made up of a healthy selection of shark images and all manner of paraphernalia from Amity, the coastal town that was terrorised by the menace.

Jaws Bounty Hunter slotPlace Your Bets

Both iterations in the Jaws series allow players to make use of the most common betting options associated with Aristocrat pokies, including multiple win lines and adjustable coin bets. This has been part of their enduring popularity, as their games are suitable for all levels of players around the country and so get quickly snapped up from everywhere from bars to casinos.

Pokie Features

Both Jaws and Jaws Night Hunter are based on the Viridian cabinet layout and the Gen 7 platform, both of which are the most recent releases by Aristocrat. All games using these systems share similar feature sets, so players that have a lot of experience with the company’s games will know exactly what to expect. Those that have never tried them before can expect all manner of features and bonuses, including the aforementioned sticky wilds during free spins, not to mention a whole host of other ways to win extra cash from more than just the standard reel based gameplay.

Online Availability

While both Jaws and Jaws Night Hunter are already massive hits in land based establishments in Australia, they remain just that and have not yet been modified for an online audience – meaning that it is not just licencing restrictions that prevent Aussie players from enjoying them online. Fortunately, we have compiled some great online alternatives to all of the top Aristocrat pokies, of which both Jaws games are definitely a major part.